Pom Coong Village Homestay Mai Chau

Like other villages of the Muong and Thai ethnic minority groups, Pom Coong is often located in hilly areas where there are both rivers and streams. Houses are built against the mountains in front of the vast fieldbut Thai’s floor is always taller to keep clean and airy. Most houses are built on stilts,

1.5m above the ground, having bamboo floors and roofs made from Goi or May leaves.

The most prominent thing is “pure Thai”, everything is very clean. Clean water and sanitation are regulated to give visitors to feel fresh and safe. Waste is classified, in containers and will be processed. Tourists will feel the freshness of earth and sky, and a peaceful life. Newcomers also have chance to be overwhelmed with the beautiful landscape of the ever-stretching rice fields in Mai Chau Valley.

Homestay and interaction with local lifestyle has become more popular for tourists and solo travelers.

Meeting local girls charming and shy in their dance, talking to school kids, trying to do some Thai cooking, and all sort of other things tourists can do in Pom Coong will bring joy and relaxation.

Travellers will forget hard-working days, worries and are mingled in the life of the Thai people and enjoy traditional dances, the gong festivals, drinking wine, ect. Overnight stays in homes floating on the lake are also available in which tourists can participate in a gorgeous sunrise and enjoy the clean and pure atmosphere of the early morning.

Homestay tourism is becoming more and more attractive and familiar with tourists. It is the moment that visitors will remember Coong Pom village as well as the Thai people in Mai Chau.

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